Leading Supplier of Modular Building Solutions

Delivering for our customers – whatever, wherever and whenever the need

As the world’s leading business services company specialising in modular space, Algeco creates smart spaces for people to live, work and learn.

We rapidly solve space management challenges in creative ways. We put the people who use our spaces at the centre of all that we do, enabling more productive work, an improved quality of living, and modern learning.

Our modular solutions are particularly well-suited to meeting the challenges presented by global mega trends including:

  • Global development; rapid urbanisation and demand for infrastructure
  • Demographic change; growing and ageing populations need for education and housing
  • Increasing workforce welfare expectations; employers seeking better conditions to enhance performance and retention
  • And the drive for improved and demonstrable sustainability across corporate and public life

Algeco serves the needs of 37,000 customers globally, with particular expertise in public administration, construction, energy and natural resources, and industry and services.


Our Product Ranges

For each of our solutions, we offer three product lines: Origin, Advance and Progress.


This sophisticated product line is ideal for modern and sustainable constructions featuring built-in lighting, sleek design and perfect thermal and phonic insulation. The modules range from 19 to 30 square meters and can be combined with bow windows and canopies for a luxurious sense of space.


This product line is popular for schools, offices and event venues. The modules range from 10 to 26 square meters, allowing people to work or learn in the best conditions. A personalized layout and turnkey services make the modules welcoming and ready to use on day one.


Simplicity, safety and functionality: this standard line primarily meets the needs of the construction sector, at little cost. We offer customers the option of standalone units, or ready-to-use offices, cloakrooms, restrooms or canteens. We can also add stairs, landings and awnings.

Our 360° Services

Our market-leading 360° Service provides customers with a full turnkey solution - no matter how big or small the project.

Algeco recognises that our customers want to get moving on day one. Our sales and customer experience teams will work closely with you to understand your challenges and develop cost effective and timely solutions. Whether you require services, equipment, connectivity or furniture, we offer a complete solution and we provide the highest levels of service.

And once your project has launched, our on-site teams will work closely with you to ensure your timescales are met and support you with any maintenance requests.

Because you need to focus all your energy on your core business, we are here to get every detail right:

  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Connectivity
  • Equipment and furniture
  • Associated services